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Dustin W. Baly

Holistic Brand & Performance Marketing

After twenty years as a digital marketing executive, including growing Shari's Berries from a less than 10 million dollar a year business to over a 100 million dollar a year business, to helping invent contemporary search marketing at a large search engine in San Francisco, to helping create the direct to consumer healthcare marketplace, to helping clients reach their full email marketing potential--Dustin W. Baly has influenced over one trillion dollars into our economy.

Shari's Berries Marketing

I had the marketing helm for Shari's Berries during the most signficant growth cycle of it's company history. Overseeing search, social, email, TV, radio, PR, print and package marketing. Best of industry ecommerce conversion rate award winner.

DMA Award Winning Copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis

I had the distinct pleasure of having  Direct Marketing Association Hall-Of-Fame induct Herscell Gordon Lewis write copy for my email and catalogs. It was an honor to work with one of the brightest minds in direct response copy writing, he was a unique mentor.

Direct To Consumer Healthcare

For over six years I've helped the direct to consumer healthcare marketplace grow larger. Rebounding from recession, affordable health insurance has enabled millions to transform from laid off corporate employee to new small business owners.

Pinnacle Product Restoration

I have a passion to restore unique objects of historical significance, such my 1976 YZ motorcycle. 1976 was the first full production year of mono-shock, and also the year Apple Computers was founded.

Search Marketing Expert

For five years I worked at a large search engine in San Francisco as a business strategy manager and helped create the modern model of paid search advertising.

NCQA Healthcare Quality Standards

It has been a pleasure to support the nation's healthcare quality organization for health plans, practitioners, and medical homes with their email marketing.

Vintage Surfboard Curation

Surfboards will not degrade for millions of years, so I aspire to keep epic surfboards from the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's in surf-able condition and inspire future generations of riders long after I've passed.

The Temple of Iconic Surfboard Chakra includes this early 1970's Plastic Fantastic swallow single fin, likely shaped by Danny Calohan.

Email Marketing Expert

At Ignite Visibility, I help brands reach their full email marketing potential. By executing our 5 pillars of email marketing excellence, brands can expect to achieve more than 25% of their digital revenue from email.

Email Marketing Webinar

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